The Sioux Chef blog archives recipes from the Sioux Chef Fresh Food Training Program.

In a place where fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables hadn’t been widely available for decades, we cooked up:

  • Recipes: seasonal ingredients prepared simply , for home kitchens and for sharing with farmers market customers
  • Demonstrations: sample dishes showing how to use basic techniques
  • Dinners: shared meals that introduce unfamiliar fresh foods in accessible ways

To learn more about the project, click here.

This program focused on Western, rather than traditional recipes.


  1. Christine Farnsworth said:

    My mother in law was born on the spirit lake reservation, but moved to Oregon when she was little. I’m trying to find traditional recipes to make, both to keep her and my husband’s metabolism in check (she’s already diabetic, and he’s pre) and teach our kids healthy foods that connect them with their heritage, as we are far away from the rest of our nation, and the local pow-wows are more costal tribes with a smattering of other tribAL representatives. My question is, “which of your recipes are using the traditional foodstuffs of the souix”? (The only one that I have learned from her is fry bread, because that’s what you can make with the rations in the 1940s, and it’s neither healthy nor traditional. I’m mean. I only make it once a year because it’s so bad for her. LOL )
    Thank you

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